See, how easy it is for us to download any youtube videos

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This trick is so chill which I managed to figured out plus it solves the purpose utterly in case of downloading any YouTube videos that you enjoy plus would wish to keep on your Computer intended for afterward use when not online.

Thus, here i show how you can download youtube videos with awesome trick.

1. Go to see Youtube instantly and simply run any YouTube movie clip which you discover useful.
ii). Run YouTube video and while it is continiously playing now attempt and start typing ss i.e. “ss” during youtube video link url just after you leave http://www.
iii). Immediately push the enter key & it directly will carry you straight outside youtube to another web page& there you would get a lot of different things to choose from.
d). I suggest everybody to take advise from this youtube video
e). Pick your youtube video file type along setting up of this video after that press copy button as you press the youtube video downloading process will start

Disadvantages of using this “SS” trick for downloading videos::

1. One and only the & that’s that it can simply download limited size video files which is less than 200MB within totally.

Benefits one to aspect with this way:

i). It truly is without charge to make use of.
b). No risk of money loss.
c). It could download anything..
No 4:-This ss trick not just work perfectly on this website but also on additional video distribution websites.
No 5:-To download videos by introducing”ss” into the video url is best for all paid down-loader’s available there.


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how to upload images on google – How to upload pictures to google images 2013

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It is not really though to upload our images to google images search engine and it is really easy, I promise even if know nothing about internet gigs and works. People often go to google in search for almost any thing they wish and most of the time, when people can’t find really what is happening outside there area that’s the right time when they wanna take the help of technology to solve there problem.

Google images is a part of google search engine and they always show the most relevant and non biased search results in there google images search results. I will absolutely not try to teach you guys here how you can really manupulate search results or how google images search results works but the most and important thing to know is that if you have never uploaded any of your images to google or on any where online then only god can know about you, no search engine or anything can really make you index-able and found in google search results. So first of all it is important to upload our images on google images and really allow search engines to crawl and index it. Watch the video below to really Learn how to upload images on google – How to upload pictures to google images here

So, I hope you guys really found this video helpful like me and if it’s worth watching then do share it among your friend network to help the uploader’s channel grow.

Lic Agent Portal

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Lic Agent

If you are in the need of taking Lic Policy and looking for a dedicated and honest lic agent.If you want following qualities in your Lic agent:

# Lic agent must be honest.

# Lic agent must be good listener.

# Lic agent must be very communicative.

# Lic agent must be able to guide it’s client with the best lic policy according to his/her needs.

# Lic agent considering it’s work as worship.

Then what I recommend you is to Visit, because they have following hallmarks

* With 1000 plus satisfied clients across India.

* Lic agents at has a dedicated team of 15+ years of experience.

* lic agents at are macho and a pro in their field.

* Their support is award winning.

* They believe in relation building.

* They treat their clients with uttermost sincerity.

* They only recommend their clients which their clients actually need.

* They give 24X7 day support throughout the week and update you with the most latest and profitable plan. So I tool lic plan from them and I am fully Satisfied with their quality service, so I recommend you to give them a chance to serve you. Visit: Lic agent


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